LanWan Interview Process

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Best Video

Client: New Summit Charter Academy

Sector: Education

Focus: New Client Aquisition, Video made to increase student enrollment for 3rd year of new school.

Why is this my best video? This video is fantastic because in encourages and inspires all who see it, knowing that there are many people who care about the future of our youth and creating a healthy educational environment  for them.  I love creating these types of videos and have actually been asked to create another project with the school.

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Great Testimonial Video

Client: Autoshop Vocational 

Sector: Automotive

Focus: Resource Aquisition, Video made for fundraising gala event

Why is this an amazing video and can you create a similar video? This video shows how 1 person can impact many lives.  Greg devotes his time to training, believing in and giving the youth opportunities to succeed.  In turn, these youth express thier grattitude for the opportunity and opened doors.  I love making videos that show the impact we can have on our community.

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Company & Product Video

Client: Triton Roofing and Solar

Sector: Energy

Focus: Product Sales, Video made for interested clients, pre-appointment information packet, digital materials

Why is this a fantastic video and can you create a similar video?  What I love about this video is that it helps you understand the value of clean energy in our world today, and inspires you to want to be a part of being a good steward of the world we live in. I love to create these types of videos.

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Messaging Video

Client: Northeast Chiropractic Center

Sector: Health & Wellness

Focus: Branding, Video made for company website and social media

Why is this a great video and can you create a similar video? This is a great branding video because it connects with people from different backgrounds and problems.  It also offers easy solutions to start getting help now, with the pay as you go model.  They also give a mission statement to help simplify what they are about.  They also have a lot of smiles, which keeps people engaged. I love doing videos like this.

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