Brandon Bornes

Public Relations Experience

I have (6) years of progressively responsible, professional experience in public information and media relations. From 2008-2014 I worked with The Navigators organization. From the very start in 2008, I began creating quarterly newsletters and doing video interviews that were distributed throughout the Navigator’s organization, and to their strategic partners. Part of my role was also to get connected with local businesses in the community to develop strategic partnerships.

From 2008 to 2014, I personally developed over 300 strategic partnerships that connected the community to the Navigators. From 2008-2014, I also produced over 30 newsletters that were distributed through mailer and digitally. During that time, I also did video interviews of over 80 people. These interviews were shared throughout the Navigator’s organization and their strategic partnerships. My responsibilities with the development department continued to increase over that time because I was productive, innovative and producing amazing results. Eventually I was asked to work full time in the development department to focus on creating strategic partnerships and to train new staff. During that time, I was writing, editing, and producing information and promotional materials for the navigator’s organization to distribute nationally. The materials were distributed to the employees and to the strategic partners. During that time, I traveled to multiple events around the country on behalf of the organization to capture stories and produce media related and news-based content. In my time with the Navigators, I created press releases, speeches, communication /media plans, fact sheets, talking points, articles for publication, presentations, newsletters, brochures, and letters that supported internal and external communication goals and activities.

I have strong leadership and organizational skills. I have strong judgment and customer service skills. I have strong oral and written communication skills. I have strong interpersonal skills which were developed through doing hundreds of face to face appointments with strategic partners. The Navigators organization has over 2,000 employees in the United states and over 4,000 employees worldwide, After my time with the Navigators, I continued to sharpen these skills. I manage my own multimedia company that assists in helping businesses develop plans and materials to help them raise awareness and support for themselves.

I have worked with 130 clients. Our most recent project is a Black Directory for Colorado that features over 1000 black listings and over, multiple print & digital magazine publications, with over 15,000 website views monthly, and impactful social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. and with over 150 financial sponsors,  and an editorial team of 10 people.  The magazine publications have over 300 different people and organizations features so far, and is released quarterly. I am the editor in chief  and founder for the magazine. I never stopped developing communication and marketing strategies for people and businesses. Recently I have worked with UCCS, which has over 500 employees, to provide marketing material and a social media strategy for one of their departments. I am also currently contracted by the Mayors office in Colorado Springs to work at a high-profile fundraising events at the Broadmoor, connecting with strategic partners and providing multimedia to these strategic partners and the governors office.

Founder Of My Black Colorado

Founded By Brandon Bornes

Mission Statement: We exists for the purpose to facilitate and cultivate a cohesive ecosystem of the local black community to inspire, innovate and connect local areas together.

We currently have over 1,000 black listings in Colorado, in our online directory.  We have a quarterly print  magazine publication.  We currently have about 150 sponsors. 

BornesPro Media

Video Projects By Brandon Bornes

Photography Br Brandon Bornes

Fundraising With The Navigators

Brandon Bornes Launched a campus ministry at Bowie state University in Maryland in 2009, that is still going on today.  Brandon also worked for the development department with The Navigators as  a Fundraising specialist for 5 years.  Brandon has personally done over 300 face to face fundraising appointments during that time.  Brandon was a part of fundraising training team of 10, that was in charge of training and coaching over 600 staff.   Brandon had a case load of about 75 minority staff that generated about 3 Million in annual donations to The Navigators.  Brandon’s role was to train staff to raise financial support.

Colorado Department of Human Services

Brandon has also worked for 6 years as a Youth Service Specialist, working with youth between 12 & 20 who are in secure facilities. Brandon has also worked for 1 year in a reintegration program helping youth adjust back into the community.

Athletic Accomplishments

Brandon Played football at San Diego State University. He was a 4 years started and played in every game all 4 years.  Brandon was also the California State champion in Hurdles in Highschool & was top 10 in the nation at that time.

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